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I have been a customer at Speed and Strength University for four months now.  I am extremely happy with the results so far.  I have not only lost 14 pounds and inches off my waist, but I feel and move so much better.  I am an auto mechanic and have been able to see a huge difference in being able to move and lift auto parts without feeling sore and tired anymore.

Paul Scotto,
 Coach Drew employs an array of tools which are necessary in helping me achieve my athletic goals. Whether it be through strength training or injury prevention, the system that Drew has set into place has undoubtedly made me better equipped to perform at a high athletic level.
Andrew Dicarlo,

Coach Drew is a big reason why I have been selected to The Junior College All American Team.  The past two years Coach Drew has helped me become a much faster and stronger athlete.  His programs really work and helped me reach my goals.

Personal Trainer

Keith Graham, JUCO All American Safety 2014,

I am very grateful  to have been introduced to Drew and to be able to train at Speed & Strength University.  Although I am not an elite or high school athlete, but a middle aged father/grandfather, who happens to have Parkinson Disease,  I was able to tell Drew what I needed in regards to an exercise routine that will help me combat my challenges with PD.  He came up with an excellent routine that challenges me both physically and mentally.  Already I have been able to see the effects of working with S&S University. Drew has helped me tremendously in my day to day movement challenges.  I look forward to future training sessions and encourage others to visit this facility and reap the rewards.


Carl Ames,