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Since I have been coming to Speed and Strength University I have noticed a major difference in myself and in my abilities on the court.  I am able to jump higher and am much stronger.  Drew has helped me so much and is always pushing me towards improvement.  The In-Season program allowed me to train during my season and remain injury free while still improving.  I am confident I will be ready to join my Division 1 volleyball team this next year thanks to Drew and his coaches.

Jenna Knight,

I have been training with Jentzen for around three months. I play club volleyball and wanted to increase my vertical jump and lateral speed. In the first 2 weeks of training I increased my vertical by 2 inches and it has since increased at an average rate of 2 inches every two weeks.  My vertical started at 11 inches and is now 21 inches.  As for lateral speed, I am getting to my blocking pins easier and faster allowing me to get more blocks.  This is one of the best decisions I have made to increase my volleyball skills and make me an overall better player.  Jentzen makes it fun and enjoyable to train, and he is very encouraging and motivating.


Darby Schwaner,

Prior to seeing Coach Jentzen, I was coming off my first year as a pro volleyball player. After suffering my first concussion I was having a hard time bouncing back. I was unable to dunk a basketball off of one leg, and was lacking explosiveness. 3 months into training, I am able to touch my head on the basketball rim, constantly hit over blocks in volleyball and have increased my standing vertical from 32-41 inches. Hands down this was the best decision I’ve ever made. Thank you coach Jentzen!


Taylor Harrington,

I was hiking Pinnacle Peak the other day and I was thinking about my workouts. I am better today than I was last year even with the wear and tear of another year. I can to you with good muscle memory- but it was a distant memory as I have not done consistent lifting in years. And yet the last set of of one arm dumbbell rows was 40 pounds! I think that’s awesome, not only for my age but for a woman! And these gains are without injury which is really important. Great job Jentzen! Being a trainer is so much more than writing a program and parroting what the new fad is. You are doing a thoughtful, most helpful job!


Elizabeth Allard,